20 July 2015

Boy Toy by Jewel Quinlan - Now in Audio!

Boy Toy, The Cougar Journals book 2
Now available as an audiobook!

Available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes
Written by: Jewel Quinlan
Listening Time: 2 hrs 3 mn
Narrated by: Stephanie Wyles

Listen to a Sample: http://tinyurl.com/q7wtqzn

Left hot, bothered and disappointed by Grant - the man she had high hopes for - Ava breaks up with him and heads out on a ski weekend with a group of friends. Harrison, a twenty-three year old member of the group, can't help but take notice of her and makes advances. Some of which Ava can't brush aside when they are stuck sharing a room together. Will she give in to Harrison's advances or go home and work things out with Grant?
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About the Author:

Restless by nature, Jewel Quinlan is an avid traveler and has visited 16 countries so far. Lover of ice cream, beer and red wine she tries to stay fit when she’s not typing madly on her computer concocting another tale. In her spare time she likes to do yoga, hike, learn German and play with her spoiled Chihuahua; Penny. It is Penny’s mission in life to keep Jewel from the keyboard. But, with the help of dog-chew-making-companies, Jewel has been able to distract her canine companion and continues to get thousands of words on the page for your enjoyment.

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19 July 2015


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things:

  • I'm not dead. This seems to be very important, so there you go. Therapy went well. I was only able to do two weeks of the partial in-patient treatment because of my work schedule, but it's a good foundation and I'm excited for things to come. I'm excited about things in general, which is a huge change. The new job is going well, and other than being super duper tired, I'm enjoying it.
  • PROJECTS! Lots of upcoming projects, so keep your eyes on this space. I'm plotting Gemini 2 right now, AND I finished draft zero on Amy's Hunt (Solstice Quartet #2) and plan on diving into rewrites this week. Guys, it's SERIOUSLY one of my favorites. Not gonna lie. Not gonna lie at all. Amy and Marrok, Ambre and Clara (omg especially Clara), are awesome. Have this completely unedited snippet:
          With a charming smile, the waiter sat down their plates. Clara batted her eyelashes and made small talk, something to make the energy normal again, but for Amy, things wouldn't be normal. Not anymore.  
          For a brief moment, she wished she'd handed Clara the box, but some memories needed to stay buried.   
          “So what’s up?” Taking a gulp of wine, Amy worked on focusing her thoughts. Seemed appropriatto start witthe funny stuff, the not-so-world-changing stuff, even though every moment witMarrok seemed to be world-changing. “Well, I hope you’re feeling sufficiently…happy.” 
          “I’m a bit woo-headed, yes,” she said with a wide smile. 
          “Technical term.” Clara leaned forward. “Please tell me that you’re gonna tell me the funny thing I missed out on for your booty call.” 
          Once her friend’s words made sense, Amy nodded. “Hope you’re prepared for this.” 
          “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment. Please, proceed.” 

  • MOAR PROJECTS. These will require me to start a new blog with a pen name. So, again, please keep your eyes on this space.  

24 June 2015

If my life were a...........

So I had a bit of a fun (read: terrible) day today regarding trying to get to see a new psychiatrist I'd made an appointment with. After about 6 hours of rigumerole, which included a trip to urgent care and then going to the ER in some last ditch, mental health Hail Mary, I got somewhere. I actually got farther than I have in months.

(For those who don't know, I'm clinically severely depressed. I was on meds, then never got a hold of my doctor again and things just kinda went down from there.)

Anyway, I'm going to my very first group therapy session tomorrow after an appointment with a different doctor. Woot. And I thought, If my life were a romance novel, tomorrow I'd meet the guy of my dreams.

And then I thought of a game. If my life were a.......................

Here's how it works. You guys give me a situation and 4-5 genres, and I try to figure it out. For instance, with my therapy tomorrow, if my life were a:

  • YA Novel: I'd enter a room filled with the morose and the ones whose parents make them go. There'd be a couple people there who would really be benefitting from the group and one in particular would welcome me in. Then I'd see him--the aloof boy who obviously doesn't want to be there. He'd be dressed in black with a couple of piercings, and then he'd look up and our eyes would meet, and I'd be lost in the surprise of a smile from him.
  • Science Fiction Novel: There'd be something really weird about the therapist and maybe one or two of the people there, a slight difference too difficult to narrow down. Not long after everyone sits, the therapist suddenly grows tentacles and announces he's taking us to his home planet in troublingly good English. We must fight to survive. Some of us fall. I'm taken captive with five others, including a boy I find to be perfect in every way.
  • Horror Novel: Once all the participants are settled in and the session starts, the lights go off for only a few moments. There's commotion. The lights flick back on and one of us is dead but there's no evidence of a weapon and no one is bloody. One of us is a talented killer, but who?


    Everyone's already seated when I walk in, and the session is about to start. They're strangely friendly, like they don't know how to be genuinely nice. Against my better judgment, I sit. Someone turns out the light, and the room is illuminated by a glow-in-the-dark shape of a pentagram. Someone lights candles while two of the strongest people try to tie me up. I manage to escape their grip and bolt into the hallway, but now I have to get away from them before they use me to summon their dark god.
Sound fun? If so, leave me a situation in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

04 June 2015

They say it's my birthday! Well, soon....

So, the countdown to my 30th birthday is ON. T-minus 4 months from today! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have 4 books available. Coincience? Maybe. But that isn't the point.

THE POINT is that I have 4 books and 4 months til I hit the big 3-0.

How's about a giveaway?

Every month starting today, I'm going to be giving away 3 prizes:
1st Prize - Copy of a book & $15 Amazon GC
2nd Prize - $10 Amazon GC
3rd Prize - $5 Amazon GC

Wanna get in on this? Entry form is below.

19 May 2015

New Release Alert! Jivin' Tango by Connie L Smith

Lila and Austin have known each other since she befriended his younger brother when she was a toddler. In fact, since her parents moved from her hometown, Lila’s lived with Austin’s family. The two are friends, though more of the teasing, taunting breed than the BFF variety.
But all it takes is one moment for everything to change…
For Austin, that moment comes when Lila performs a rumba in the school’s auditorium to qualify for the state dance competition, the young woman on stage so far-removed from the little girl in his memories.
For Lila, the moment is a reflected image of Austin preparing for prom, the guy standing in front of his mirror hardly resembling the child that spent so much of his youth pestering her.

Will they find a way to admit to themselves and their families that their feelings are deeper than friendship? And can Lila focus on this building relationship – and deal with her unstable ex – and still win the dance contest?

Available at:
“I kind of have a thing for this other girl.”
She smiles a bit. “Anyone I know?”
“Yeah, you know her.” I lean closer to her, not moving my stare from her face. “She’s beautiful, and smart, and funny, and quirky. The sad thing is, I didn’t notice any of those things until about a week ago.”
“What happened a week ago?”
“Well, she did this dance. One she hates, by the way.” I pause to let her laugh. “She wore a blue dress, and her hair was flowing down her back. She was elegant, and gorgeous, and I couldn’t look away.” Reaching out, I play with a strand of her hair that’s fallen forward, one that’s dripping water from her shower. “And I couldn’t push the attraction back. I tried, because it was so confusing.
“You see,” I continue, “I’ve known her since she was just a pesky girl who hung around mostly for my kid brother, and being attracted to her took some getting used to. But I had to deal with it, since I couldn’t look at her the way I used to anymore. Once I saw her as the beautiful woman she’d grown into, I couldn’t step back from that.”
I put a finger to her lips to stop her comments. I need to get all of this out. Now. “I tried, Munchkin. I tried to keep myself from wanting you, but I can’t. I figured that out at prom. You’re what I want, what I need, and the one girl I have to be with. If you don’t want to be with me like that, I’ll take friendship. I’ll take just about anything because you’re the one part of my whole life I can’t let go of.”
She reaches up so she can move my finger away from her mouth. “I wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t want to be with you.”
Relief fills me, and I let out a long breath. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Connie L. Smith spends far too much time with her mind wandering in fictional places. She reads too much, likes to bake, and might forever be sad that she doesn’t have fairy wings. And that she can’t swing dance. Her music of choice is severely outdated, and as an adult she’s kind of obsessed with Power Rangers. She has her BA from Northern Kentucky University in Speech Communication and History (she doesn’t totally get the connection either), and is currently working on her MA. 

25 March 2015

Cover reveal!!!!!!!

Earlier this afternoon, I shared the cover for my Beyond Fairytales story, GEMINI (AKA the little story that almost killed me). In case you weren't around for the Beyond Fairytales chat on Facebook, I wanted to share the cover with you!














Big thanks to Seneca Featherstone for this gorgeous cover!

No release date yet, but as soon as I know, I'll be shouting it from the rooftops!

Being one of the Embassy’s glorified treasure-seekers has its perks. Komadan Uriah Jacobs recovers ancient artifacts in exchange for more than just decent pay; he also receives guaranteed protection from his former owners, the nyx…until an emergency landing on a too-familiar colony brings him face-to-face with his past life and something more—a surprisingly priceless treasure in the form of a human woman.

A slave to the nyx since childhood, Shadi spends her waking hours in the forge, dreaming of rescuing her brother with the help of a man she once worshipped as a father. A crashed ship on the colony becomes her only hope to escape. But before she can steal the ship, the pilot abducts her. They may be the same species, but will he help her find her Shilah?

Regardless of their circumstances, their attraction is undeniable. Fighting it seems inconsequential as they evade the nyx's bounty hunter and uncover a conspiracy that shines unwanted light on Shadi's past and reveals the corruption in Uri’s beloved Embassy, placing their fledgling love in danger. As the universe systematically falls apart, will Shadi and Uri’s newfound passion be enough to keep them alive?

03 March 2015

Snippet and giveaway @LitLagniappe! #SolsticeQuartet

Hey all! I'm over at Literary Lagniappe today with a snippet from Solstice Quartet #2 that you won't see anywhere else. Come check it out and leave a comment for your chance at a $10 Amazon GC!

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