17 October 2015

Maker's Breath!

It's a busy week here at Casa del Peace. (Casa del Paz?) Actually, it's a busy month here. The #Scream4theCure auction is up and going.  Did you miss what's up for grabs? Take a gander and put in your bid here. So far, we've already raised $175 for Dyin' 2 Live.

In writing related news, I FINALLY finished the sort-of sequel to Complete Me. Joss' story is in the hands of my beloved writing partner, Landra Graf. Whenever it gets submitted, it'll be another part of Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand series. I'm pretty sure this hero could seduce a nun. Considering he's modeled after Sebastian Stan...yeah....

Also, I'm busy working on a horror story. For those not in the know, horror is one of my all-time favorite genres ever, which, of course, adds to the awesome that is October. Between that and the auction.... What is free time?

Any updates for me? New releases? Discover a new favorite book? Let me know in the comments!

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