28 November 2009


i think i've had my fill of turkey for the next...oh, few hours. *insert devilish grin here*. admittedly, i'm biased, but i'm sure my dad makes the best turkey EVER, so i'll be indulging on leftovers for many days.

and i must also admit that i LOVE the attention from the aforementioned 8 dogs that occupy my parents' house. i got to spend some time with my little Riley wiggle-butt (yes, her full name [not really]), but not as much as i'd like. blasted work schedule.

also got back the first half of my novel that i left for mom months ago. she said she was reading it, but i somehow doubt that. it's not that i'm bitter; she just has a lot going on. besides, the rough draft is beyond rough. i'd rather she read it when it's ready to start its journey. i'm actually excited to start revising. never thought i'd say that...

my only complaint is that i didn't get enough time with my parents. i'm the only kid who comes home for thanksgiving now, but thanksgiving for me consisted of an 1130 pm dinner. we had second thanksgiving yesterday, which was much MUCH better, but it lacked that tradition, you know? it felt like another supremely awesome meal. at least i got to see my dad this time. he didn't have to work, which is a miracle. didn't get much time with him, either, though. it's a little depressing, but i make do. he's a great man who's sacrificed himself for the sake of his family. to begrudge him would just be selfish on my part.

and my vols are losing to the fricking wildcats. COME ON, TENNESSEE!!!!!!! (raised blue, bleed orange. ironic, i know.)

ah well. as long as the saints win monday...

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