26 January 2010

currently beating my head against makebelieve wall

dammit. writing my novel was easier than writing a query.

why? because my novel doesn't need to know my qualifications or reasons for writing it, just that i did.

why did i write it? because i read The Island of Dr. Moreau and thought that it'd be more interesting from one of the creatures' voice. that's why. nothing more, nothing less. that was the genesis of this monster that took me nearly 8 years to write because in the beginning, i had no clue what the hell was going on.

back then, i was a novice, simply content with moving from point a to point b to the conclusion (aka, point c ["c" for conclusion. get it? get it?]). there was a lot about Dima that i didn't know then, and still a little that i don't know, but i've got her pretty much figured out now. why her? because my year of psychology made me fall in love with picking apart the human brain and messing with it as much as i could. i like screwing with the characters and discovering their limits. and that makes me sound like a psychopath. i guess i could stick with my whole "love of psychology" thing... make myself sound less like a sadist...

or maybe i can take nathan's advice and just say loud and proud, "THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL." and be done. God bless the bransford blog.

now, maybe i'll abuse LiLa's wealth of advice on writing an awesome query letter.

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