23 January 2010

patience is a virtue

only spoken by people who aren't waiting for something.

i haven't heard anything about the query letter from ms. reid, so i'm just going to kinda...well, say "screw it" and post it on my writing critique site (www.penwrights.com - awesome site, great people, been a part of it for almost ten years) and see what they say. i think i've pussyfooted enough.

i'm not even afraid of the rejection. i think i'm just so unsure of myself that i have issues with doing anything new. doesn't mean i won't do it by any means. just means that i'll be...well, something. anxious. i think that's the word. i have issues with new things.

but the good news is that no one's said anything about my being out of uniform today... thank God i left my blazer here....

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