24 February 2010

already one of those days...

it's almost 6 AM. i get off work at 7 AM. i've already dealt with police, felons in possession of a stolen firearm, and an exxon-valdez waffle batter spill, a bit of which ended up on my jacket, hands, and glasses. tis the fun of working at a hotel.

*thank God i'm off today*

maybe one of these days, i'll write a book about hoteling. because from time to time, i get to see some strange/funny stuff go down. maybe that's why i won't quit my job. i get paid to be entertained. saves money ;-)

anyway, i finally figured out the things about my new WIP that perplexed me, and my writing group (okay, my awesome Scottish friend) has agreed to assist me with the revisions. i feel badly asking because i know i'm basically the only person with no life, but it's nice to know that she's so supportive. btw, elaine, if you want to read part of it or...whatever you were thinking, i'll be happy to send it to you however you like. and i'll write you a thank you card :-D

BUT today is a wonderful. why? my wonderful BF is buying me dante's inferno (the game) today. i've been salivating over this game (figuratively) for almost 9 months. the ad makes me so happy--a little "ain't no sunshine when she's gone" bill withers action for a game set in the middle ages. how much better does it get?

i have the odd feeling i'll be playing it all night tonight. sleep is for the weak.


Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine the things you see working at a hotel on a day-to-day basis. It always seemed like such a glamorous job to me!

lexcade said...

haha, it can be extremely interesting. but on days like today, it can be extremely boring.

sold-out nights are...*bangs head against wall*

i guess you get to pick your poison in some instances. but i've seen a guy get robbed for $1200 by prostitutes (long story, be glad to share for it is HILARIOUS), the felons, arrests that could have been on cops... but the above-mentioned fiasco is probably the most dangerous one simply b/c of the gun they tried to hide in the toilet tank.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

They say the starting place for any writer is to begin with what they know - a story set in a hotel sounds like a great idea. Downtime with the downtrodden Receptionist - Stamp back!
Still happy to read - head over to the Blog the link you need is there!
I'm a teacher with the Easter holiday on the horizon - you'd save me having to buy something to read - sorry, publishing industry!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

If you want to send me an e-mail with or without attachment, my profile - and the Facebook insert - both display it.