03 February 2010

gr arg!

stupid websense blocking the bransford blog! i need a way to bust my boredom for the next twenty minutes! ah well. this might help.

i spent most of the night hacking away at the old manny, trying to whittle its girth down to something a little easier to swallow. i hacked off about 1000 words, which made me feel loads better. got rid of some parts that i just didn't like, reworded some others, and so far, i'm feeling better about the entire product. there are more moments of "wow, that's actually good" than "what was i thinking when i wrote that?!" definitely a confidence boost.

i need to get this "last" revision done, darnit! i want to start querying next month because i need goals. and i need to get free from this project so i can work on another one. i've got three new ideas i want to develop into...something useful, but my brain just isn't feeling free at the moment. there's still too much clutter, worry, and anticipation. i just need to figure out how to make each agent feel special. because they are. the more blogs i read from them, the more i like them. i follow lucienne diver on livejournal, and she just cracks me up. i'd LOOOOVE to be able to work with her at some point. nathan's awesome, janet reid is awesome, agent kristin and jennifer jackson rock. i love it. agents are people too... i just hope that one of them likes me...


Lisa and Laura said...

They are going to love you!

Oh and, send, send away! Carrier pigeon is our preferred mode of transportation, but if that doesn't work out, you can always email the attachment to lisa-laura@live.com. Also, if you could give us a list of important characters, plot points, conflict, etc. that would help immensely! Just something to give us a taste of the book. Can't wait to read!

lexcade said...

thanks so much, ladies!!!! i will send that to you tonight! :)