11 February 2010


i had five days off IN A ROW, meant to be spent with 8 wagging tails and my parents. but then the white death came. so i spent them at home, playing loads of batman and wishing i was covered in dog.

but that's okay. eventually spring will come. and life will be good again.

i feel bad, though. i haven't done anything remotely productive in those five days except sleep and play batman (yes, that counts as productive, at least in my world). my bf and i had a call of duty date, and that's about it.

i'm having trouble wrapping my head around my next project, partially because the skeleton of it is still sitting at my parents' in my li'l red notebook, and partially because i have NO IDEA what's going on. i started writing a little bit, but i'm not very satisfied, mostly because i don't know how it all fits together. this one is going to be more challenging because it's four viewpoints as opposed to the one i've spent so much time with. and the material, at least for one of the characters, is a lot heavier than what my last project was, so i'm having fits. and i'm afraid that my antagonist is going to be a fantasy version of hitler.

then there's the question of why tal was born with the ability to use magic. or manipulate elements, or whatever it is she's going to do. i guess the biggest challenge is world-building. my last project was just set 100-something years in the future. this one is a whole new world entirely. without elves or dwarves, but with dragons and humans as an oppressed race (in my world, they're connected, so they serve as one race, and i don't even know if that's possible).

the only ones i know about are the dragon and human. so i have a lot of thinkin' to do. and i still have revisions to do on dirge.

i use-ta could multi task...


Lisa and Laura said...

Good luck wrapping your mind around the next project. I find the hardest part opening up the blank document. This is exactly why we outline--so at least we can have something written!

lexcade said...

thanks, guys. my head is kind of spinning right now, since there's at least 2 ideas i reeeeeeeeally want to develop. ah well. it's okay. i'll get it :)