04 March 2010

*throws hands up*

i'm considering starting two more blogs, one for hotel stories and the other for political crap that pisses me off. even though i do like the george RR martin way of "not a blog" where i can talk about whatever i want and not worry about it. but of course, he's extremely awesome and has a zillion things published while i still haven't sent out a single query. so, i'm guessing it'd be safer for me to have these different parts separated.

in writing news, still no sign of the red notebook. all i really need out of it anymore are the country names, and if i can recall what they all do, since everything has a duty within the empire and the names are mostly based off of that, then i can just redo that. so yeah. yippee. in the meantime, i'll just hope that mom finds it.


Lisa and Laura said...

Love the idea of adding hotel stories into your blogs! And we've always treated our blog as a place to write whatever we feel like writing. Not sure if it has really paid off or not, but at least we always enjoy it.

lexcade said...

that's the plus of it. a blog is just another extension of a person, so i guess if people can't take me for whatever reason, then they're just going to not read, right?

i did start a new one for my political crap, which is usually not as entertaining as my hotel stories :)

thanks for reading, ladies!