03 May 2010

ADD strikes again...AGAIN.

i canNOT concentrate. rewriting chapter 9 has taken two days because i can't concentrate. it doesn't help that i try to accomplish this between the hours of 11PM and 7AM (i know, jack bauer would have had this done by 1130, and then he would have saved us from terrorists between 1-2AM), but this is pretty much when i have quiet time. so...yeah. chapter 9, WRITE THYSELF!

in other news, there is no other news. there are things i'm excited about, but no other news.

i'm looking forward to the start of football season, b/c it will be tim tebow season before it's chris-evans-in-blue-spandex-for-the-third-time season. sorry, folks. i'm excited. don't know if i mentioned yet that the former human torch of Fantastic Four fame will be donning the red, white, and blue of Captain America, but he is. hellz yes. whoever claims women aren't visually stimulated never met me and never saw this:

(picture this, in blue spandex.)

and now that you are sufficiently distracted as well, i shall continue. i'm working on paring down word count. chris evans has not helped with this, nor will he, although i'd like to cast him in the movie adaptation of the book. i'll make up a character if necessary.

(while we're in comic book land) i'm excited about the new batman game. i'm sure you remember my batman: arkham asylum lovefest from a few months ago. prepare for another one sometime next year (january, maybe?) the sequel will include lots more baddies and will be "darker" than the first. should be interesting given what they did with the first one. despite the fact that it takes place entirely within arkham asylum, the first game was absolutely phenomenal. it was nice to be able to take advantage of batman's stealth and various gadgets. maybe in the sequel, we'll get to take the batmobile out for a spin or fly around gotham in the batwing? pwease? the trailer only shows harley quinn nursing joker, most likely clearing his body of the titan serum (there's a blood transfusion going on; joker's weak). in all likelihood, joker won't be a major player, which leaves room for two-face and mr. freeze, both of whom have been confirmed by their respective voice artists. talia al'ghul has been confirmed as well, though it will be interesting to see how they decide to involve her. her father is presumed dead in the first one (he's in the morgue outside of penny's office, one of the solutions to riddler's riddles), so it's more likely that she'll lean toward friend more often than foe. her love story arc with batman might make an introduction and raise the stakes. what sucks more than losing your lady love? robin might also be in it. i kinda foresee him in a support role similar to oracle's, or maybe as a partner in certain parts of the game. i don't think he'll be terribly involved.

ok, enough of that. i really need to get back to this chapter 9 deal. it's 4 AM. maybe i'll have it written by 7... prollie not.

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Lisa and Laura said...

Procrastination at its finest! Hope you finally got to chapter 9!