22 August 2010

hey, all

still trying on outfits. and working on my list of potential agents. QT has been one of the best resources i've found in the 10 years i've been writing with publishing intent, and i'm fairly certain that without the awesome people i've met, i would not be at this point, working on queries i think will actually get me somewhere.

so far, i've found at least 3 agents that i'm on pins and needles to query. two of them have blogs that i've been gobbling up (most. useful. thing. ever.), and the third is actually the agent for an author whose blog i've been following for a while. she was kind enough to give me advice for querying that particular agent. met her via the bransford forums.

what i've come to learn about the writing world as opposed to pretty much every other business in the world is that the people who are vying for the exact same spots that you are, are the ones who are more than willing to help you through the process. writers *and really, creative people in general* are absolutely amazing in their support of up-and-comers. every day i'm on the forums, i'm just blown away by the community that we writers have formed. regardless of genre, fiction or not, we've banded together to offer support, feedback, and praise. it's phenomenal.

so, to my fellow writers who may *or may not* read this, i want to say thank you for your support while i chase this crazy dream of mine and i hope that i can offer the same to you.


Lydia Kang said...

I love the writing community because there is no competition. You are competing against yourself, to produce a piece of work that is worthy to get onto the shelves, and helping other writers out does nothing to diminish your own journey.
Great post!

lexcade said...

thanks, lydia. i have to agree. writers are flat-out the most awesome people i've ever met. that's part of what makes the craft so wonderful. thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Great post! The supportive writerly community makes the journey a LOT easier! :D

Erin MacPherson said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Did you query those agents yet (I see it's been a few weeks?). How'd it go?