11 January 2011


Seems the craptastic cloud over my head from the weekend has finally drifted to another victim. *Angels sing* Although I got a new novel idea from everything, and I'm hoping that even if it doesn't see the light of day, I find some closure and a way to, in a small way, show my brother that I love him and that he's always with me. Already researching for it.

And yes, the website AGirlintheWorld shared is amazing. I haven't joined yet, but I might. In a little bit of debate.

Some encouraging words from the Disgruntled Bear have given me new hope for Duality (you know, once I get the beginning settled; oh and all subsequent revisions after that...). So we'll see. I'm hoping that it finds a home.

Also, Route 66 might be the most irritating song ever. Just FYI.


Tracy said...

Good, I'm glad to hear you're coming around a little bit. We all have those dark times we have to work through...but it's always nice to see that we can start to come out of the other side. :D

agirlintheworld said...

I'm glad the website has helped. Also, I now have "Route 66" stuck in my head. Curses.

lexcade said...

Thanks, y'all. You guys are seriously awesome. I'm lucky that this crazy interweb machine has allowed me to meet such wonderful people :)