23 January 2011

Six-sentence Sunday (which I totally forgot about, don't be mad)

In case you've never experienced it, there's a fun thing called Six Sentence Sunday run by well, the Six Sentence Sunday blog. So, since I kinda remembered, I decided to participate. Hopefully this will be a weekly thing. You can check out the other participants here.

This week's six sentences are from a WiP titled "Taming the Ancients." Hopefully this will give you a small taste of the world. I'll post from different chapters or WiPs depending on how I'm feeling that day ;)

Here goes:

Ivar had created his first when he was fifteen. A feat, yes, but not impossible. The Ossans were known to Frenzy before they were ten years old.

Where does that leave you, Talindra Ossan? Able to conjure fire from your fingertips? Only the beginning…


Roberta Walker said...


Here's mine from my WIP (ie. the millionth revision :)

What harm would come to know her for a little while? It had been too long… Could I just savor this moment for a little while?
Then I would disappear.
How could I leave her?
I would have to.

lexcade said...

Oooooooh. Me likey!!!!!