01 February 2011

4 more people to our next contest!

Or 13 days. Either/or. Get ready, folks.

I don't have much to add tonight. I'm still highly intimidated by my synopsis, to the point that I might rock back and forth in my floor from the sheer fear of it. The one I was working on was filled with way too much backstory. Must start anew.

Q4U: What's your least favorite (or for you sadists, most favorite) part of the submissions process?

For me? The synopsis. I'd rather have a million rejections than write a synopsis.


Elana Johnson said...

For me, it's turning stuff into agents. Even though I have one, and supposedly she likes me, I'm always terrified to let a real professional look at my writing. So yeah. That's what I hate most.

lexcade said...

I can understand that. I kind of have that feeling whenever I let someone else read for a critique. Having an 'industry professional' read it must be scary and a little intimidating, too. Thanks for sharing, Elana :)

Jack LaBloom said...

I love the writing part. I can spend hours and hours writing prose. I love getting critiqued by other writers and literary agents. I even love query and synopsis writing. For me, the hardest part is everything else.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think I *like* anything about the submissions process...LOL!

Perhaps I'll like getting requests...if that ever happens, haha!

Good luck with the synop--it's tough!

lexcade said...

I'm with ya, Laura. I'll be excited to get requests, and then I'll panic while the agent reads it ;)

Jack-if you want to write my synopsis lemme know! LOL. I'll happily outsource.