07 February 2011


And I was stuck on the side of the highway with 2 flat tires. Thank God for DVR.

I'll just say that all my good luck went to them. That's it. That's totally it. Yeah.

And in light of having to purchase 2 new tires...yeah, I'm sure you can see where this is going.

So while it won't be a Valentine's Day contest, I'm still going to have a 50 followers contest. $25 gift certificate to restaurant of your choice.


But the Pack won. That redeemed my entire Sunday.

And seeing Chris Evans as Captain America didn't hurt, either. ;)


Chris Phillips said...

Go Jordy Nelson!

lexcade said...

YES! And Tom Crabtree, and Clay Matthews, and Aaron Rodgers, and Donald Driver, and everyone else ;)

But especially Jordy Nelson.

Eliza Faith said...

Chris Evans as Captain America? What did I miss? I really need to start watching the superbowl.

lexcade said...

The trailer for the new Capt. America movie. And the Thor trailer. Seriously hawt, yo.

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