13 February 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 2/13

I was thinking the other day about getting a tattoo when I lose the 30 lbs I need to lose. And as I thought about what to get, I considered getting my MC.

I know it's not uncommon. But it's safe to say that Dima has changed my life. Completely. Because of her, I found QueryTracker. I started reading blogs. I started writing blogs. And stalking agents. And through all of that, I met *in internet terms* some of the coolest people on earth. My world has grown immensely because of Duality. Because of dreaming. Because of striving to be the only thing I ever want to be.

It's amazing to me how one dream can unite so many different people. I'm not even talking the Martin Luther King, Jr. type dreams. I mean the simple dream of writing something and sharing it with the world. Or at least a million people ;) It's sharing the same passion for creating entire worlds, giving life to characters and setting the motions of their universes. That's what makes the writing community so special. And for me, Dima embodies all of that.

Sorry for the random burst here, but it was on my mind. And now, without further adieu, my six sentences from Duality:

Everything smelled like lemons and saline. When she finally moved, she checked her watch and sighed. “I’ll be back soon to check on you.” She smiled, but her eyes still swam with grief. Before she left, she gave me an injection, and my vocal cords slowly began to loosen.

I gotta get out of here…

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Chris Phillips said...

i want to get the tattoo the lone biker in raising arizona had. it was a skull with a banner that read, "momma never loved me"

lexcade said...

LOL that's awesome! i love that movie. are you going to drive through the desert blowing up bunnies and lizards, too?

Erin MacPherson said...

Hey Lexcade. I've been saying that when I am FINALLY done getting pregnant I'm going to get a tattoo... so after I think I might just do it!! :) And, love that six-sentence quote... gorgeous!

lexcade said...

aww thanks :)

i've been going back and forth with the tattoo thing for years. but i've decided that when i drop 30 lbs, i'm getting one to congratulate myself ;)