25 February 2011

Woo Hoo!!!! Liar Society!!!!

All right, peeps. Feb 22 actually marked the beginning of what promises to be an exciting 2011 for debut authors. The super-awesome Leah Clifford's debut A Touch Mortal hit shelves (check out her blog here), and let me tell you, I am SO FREAKING STOKED to read this book. *Especially since I won an autographed copy via Operation Awesome.*

And in 4 days (?)....OK, on March 1st, the Roecker sisters' The Liar Society drops, and it's already receiving great reviews. And the Sisters have been kind enough to answer a few questions for me. And they also promised swag. Aww yeah.

So since it's only a few days until the Sisters Roecker, I'm going to post one of the interview questions every day, culminating on our Best Lie You Ever Told (or Wish You'd Told) Contest for swag and a copy of the book.
Here we go:

What made you decide to write together? I'm fairly certain if I tried to write with mine, I'd kill her.

We had always wanted to write a book separately, but until we got together, we couldn't make it happen. The idea of writing an entire book by ourselves seemed ridiculously overwhelming. But having someone to bounce ideas off of and fix your crap writing is absolutely golden. We wouldn't have it any other way.

All right. Check back in tomorrow for a couple more questions!

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