25 March 2011

Friday Feature!

Saturday comes next. Sunday comes after.

Yeah. Not on the Rebecca Black "Friday" bandwagon. I felt dumber after reading the lyrics because they're the same drivel as...pretty much most pop. Which is why I don't listen to pop that often. I can get the whole "she's just having fun" mentality behind the song, but honestly, I don't enjoy it. So, that being said, I'm starting a new Friday Feature: Taking Back Friday by posting videos that people love. I'm a fan of all music (Lady GaGa is my pop, thanks) and will take requests for Feature Friday. If you wanna hit me up on Twitter, use hashtag #FridayFeature. ;) I'll be your Friday VJ.

Here's my contribution to the first Friday Feature. Hesitate by Stone Sour. I LOVE Stone Sour. I love Slipknot. Corey Taylor is on my list of all-time favorite vocalists (Chris Cornell is number one. If there're no requests, I'll post some Soundgarden next week). And this song... It's just beautiful.

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