27 April 2011

speedy update

It looks like it's gonna come a doozy of a storm. Hopefully, it'll just crap out and leave us with a little rain, but I have the feeling that today's will be a bad one. Thank God I don't have to go anywhere.

A couple of things going on:

  • Won a critique of my query & first 10 pgs from Kate Kaynak's website The Disgruntled Bear. That was EXCITING. Thanks to everyone who voted. Your support is most appreciated.
  • Won a critique of my first 3 chapters from Sarah E. Fine at the Strangest Situation (which I totally recommend following; her blog handles psychology and is incredibly helpful).
  • Got my synopsis critiqued by Phoenix Sullivan and it actually works! There's still a lot of revising needed but overall, it's a decent synopsis *does happy dance*. I feel like I've felled a foul ogre. And that I've been playing way too much Dragon Age: Origins. 
That's about it on my end. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! What have you guys been up to? Tell me in the comments!


Beckah-Rah said...

Yaaay, lexcade! That's a heck of a good week! you deserve it. :D

lexcade said...

*blush* Thanks, Beckah. *I swear y'all are gonna make me cry LOL* I've been working my butt off...think I saw it around here somewhere.

How's Eyes of Stone coming?

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Man, I must be doing something wrong. The more I work at writing, the more butt I put ON.

You're rolling hot right now! Enjoy your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Lovely things happening (well, except for the storms ;) )!!! Congrats on the wins!

lexcade said...

Thanks, ladies :D