27 October 2011

Kick-ass Chicks Thursday

AKA How to Write Strong Female Characters or whatever I was calling it.

Today we get to talk about Alexandra Andros from Jennifer Armentrout's Half-Blood.

Jennifer Armentrout

Why is Alex a kick-ass chick? Well, there are a variety of reasons:

  1. She's not perfect.
  2. She has major issues with authority (including her dad, but really, what girl doesn't?)
  3. She's reckless.
  4. She knows what she wants--damn the consequences.
So, these probably look like flaws to you, and you'd be right. Alex is a little selfish, can be harsh, brash, and definitely has temper issues. What makes her strong is the fact that she rises above all that to do what she feels is the right thing--which, for her, is incredibly difficult and, in the end, selfless. Alex is a great example of a woman finding strength in her weaknesses.

And the best news? Half-Blood is available for purchase *FINALLY* so you get to follow Alex's adventures and find out for yourselves why I love her so much.

Half-Blood at Amazon

Half-Blood at Barnes & Noble


Rain Laaman said...

Is this a vampire story? Sorry for my ignorance. I do like feisty chicks though.
Thought I was already following you, it seems I was mixed up!

lexcade said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment and the follow :)

This is actually a pretty deep play on Greek mythology. Very, very good and not the same old myths. I definitely recommend it.

Rain Laaman said...

Wow, cool. I don't like vampires, so all the better for me.