10 November 2011

Checking in.

Just a friendly check in. First, I'd like to say hi to my new followers *waves maniacally*. Thank you for being willing to join me on this crazy journey. It's kinda strange to think that 101 of you actually read the randomness that is this blog, but I certainly appreciate you.

Second, Nano is going well. At my current pace, I'm scheduled to finish on the 26th, but I'm gonna try to hit 50K before then so I can spend the rest of the month recovering. But this has seriously been a fun experience. I'll definitely participate next year if I'm able.

Third, I wanted to point your attention to the new Denburylicious badge on the right-hand side of your screen. This provocative gentleman is the hero of Leanna Renee Hieber's new YA book Darker Still. I encourage you to check this book out. It's the beginning of a new series for her, and she's an incredibly talented writer. So show her some love on Twitter, like her on Facebook here, here, and here. And if you still need more Leanna, check out her official website here. I thank you in advance.

All right. I'm off to write more words. Be good, and I'll check in with you soon.


Rain Laaman said...

We always like to hear from you. We: me, myself, and the voices in my head. I will check out Leanna's book.

LynnRush said...

Write on, my friend. Nano is such a fun experience!!! :)

Lisa Fox said...

I can't believe how quickly you can write! I could never do 50k in such a short time. Good luck with it!

lexcade said...

Haha, Rain. I'm glad that all of you likes to hear from me ;)

Nano's been good. I think it's teaching me discipline. Maybe. Or just more ways to distract myself... I'm not sure yet.

Lisa, I was never sure I could do this either. I'm not a marathon writer, I'm a sprint writer. But it's not even 1700 words a day to hit the goal, so it's been an exercise in both discipline and futility :D

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Go words!

You could do NaNo every month, you know...

Jack LaBloom said...

With a strong wind at your back, you will ride rising waves of prose to a new world, never before discovered.

lexcade said...

Thanks, everyone :)

Jack, you've been away too long. I always love your comments.

Phoenix, I've given serious thought to doing NaNo every other month so I can have some downtime in between. I'd probably get a lot more done that away!

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