23 January 2012

MANic Monday

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've done one of these. But I'm all the time finding new, wonderful characters to highlight, so the hiatus hasn't been a waste.

Today's wonderous mancandy is Brystion, from Allison Pang's A Brush of Darkness. I loved this book, and I really loved Brystion. We're back to broody, but he's broody with a dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor. What's better than that?

Oh, btw, he's a musician. I'll wait for you to un-puddle.

Oh, and also? He's an incubus.

In Allison's awesome world of crazy-ridiculous mythological creatures (one or two of which I had to Google), Brystion is one of the wonderful constants. An incubus. Seems straight-forward, safe, awesome, right?

Well, apart from the awesome part, you'd be wrong. Brys has to operate within the confines of the world Allison created. He has to contend with crazy fae, crazy humans, and of course, Phin, the underwear-obsessed unicorn. Add to this Abby, and you have a crazy concoction that Brys navigates with as much grace as one possibly can.

As an incubus, Brys has his human form, which allows him to operate among normal people, but there's also his real form. He resembles a satyr, as you can see. He's still strangely intoxicating though. It's not just his physical appearance or the whole incubus thing. Beneath all that is this amazingly sweet guy who starts out trying to save his sister from an uncertain fate and ends up falling in love with our fantabulous heroine.

I adored Brys. Quite a bit. As I read, I fell more and more in love with his character, in both human and incubus forms. He's pretty amazing and well worth reading this book for, though the book in itself is awesome.

I'm looking forward to much more Brys in the next installment.


Lisa Fox said...

This sounds like another good choice. I will have to look into this book!

lexcade said...

I loved it. Phin's one of my favorite characters EVER. And also, Brys *sigh*