07 February 2012

Calling All Darklings!

Darklings! As many of you know, the A Touch AWESOME blogfest is happening now. And while the last 3 weeks have had some great posts, it'd mean a lot to Leah (and Katelyn and me too) to get more participants. We're spreading the word about Leah's upcoming release A Touch Morbid (which already received a fantastic review from Patricia at 2 Chicks on Books). Morbid drops February 28th, and to celebrate, several things are happening: The A Touch AWESOME blogfest, which continues for 2 more weeks (it's never too late to join us!), a Twitter party we're planning for February 21st, and some awesome swag for pre-orders. Also, Leah's planned the InsaniTEA party in March. It's a chance to get out and mingle with fellow Darklings, with the awesome Leah, and with Az's doppelganger from the band Caslan (who'll be performing) all while wearing fashions inspired by everyone's favorite grave-robber Kristen. There's a lot of cool stuff happening, and I really hope you guys will join us in celebrating A Touch Morbid, Leah, and the Darkling community.

To sign up for the A Touch AWESOME blogfest, click here or here.

Week 4 (Feb 11-Feb 17) is a free week where you can list your Top 5 Favorite anything.

Week 5 (Feb 18-Feb 24) share with us your Top 5 Favorite Moments.

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