04 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today is a special day. Everybody's favorite half-blood, Alex Andros turns 18 TODAY!

Yeah, that's right, boys. She's officially legal now. But if you go near her, Aiden will annihilate you. So...you should probably stay away. 

I vaguely remember my 18th birthday. I was in college when I turned 18 so there was a lot of studying and homework involved. Luckily, my birthday was during fall break.

I went home to see my parents. Presents and cake ensued. I was covered in doggie love. It was glorious. 

Alex, I hope your 18th birthday is more memorable than mine. In my defense that was...8 years ago, almost 9. I've slept since then.

So Alex, here's what I hope for you. I hope you and Caleb stay out past curfew. I hope Aiden gives you a day off from training. I hope you get to act like a teenager for once instead of a girl running for her life and you get an opportunity to let your hair down. Also remember that, even though a lot of people will tell you this is the best time of your life, IT ISN'T. Your twenties will be awesome, regardless of Seth breathing down your neck and daimons trying to kill you. Hell, we could all use a little of that excitement, but not much. Like I said, normal is boring. I'd never wish normalcy on anyone.

Go out tonight. Celebrate. Dance like an idiot with Caleb. Talk to cute boys, and have fun. That's what you deserve. 

And don't worry about Seth. Any number of the Half-Blood legion will happily keep him distracted for you. ;)

Rendezvous with the #HalfBloodLegion on twitter at 7pm EST for a virtual birthday party for our girl, Alex! #Alex18Birthday


Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

Awh, I loved your birthday wishes to Alex! Yes, she needs to go out and just have an amazing night...without all the crazy daimon drama, lol! <33

Thanks so much for taking part, Cate! Hope to see you at the twittah party!

Fist bump #HalfBloodLegion!

Laura Diamond said...

Hehehe, happy birthday, Alex!!!!