14 July 2012

Lucky 7s

Thanks to the lovely and wonderful Cara Bristol for tagging me for a Lucky 7, in which an author excerpts seven sentences of a current work, from page seventy-seven  (or seven), seven lines down on the page. And then I nominate and notify seven other authors to participate.  

I chose seven sentences from page 7 of my WIP Cyber, which is one of my favorite things I've written thus far. This snippet is from page 77. My hero, Koda, and heroine, Cyber, are about to disembark on a somewhat dangerous planet. Lorsha is the bad guy who stole Cyber's ship, and also her ex-lover.

Unless he lets me borrow a gun, she thought. A standard issue plasma pistol would suffice, though she preferred the semi-automatics. In Liala’s underground, anything would be better than bare hands.
She swallowed roughly. For her, this was a sort of unwelcome homecoming, a return to what she felt was the true beginning of her life. She’d never belonged on Earth; her place was in the stars, and finding Lorsha in Liala confirmed that for her. Once he’d joined her crew, the circle of her life was complete.

And now, my taggings:
Tiffany Reisz
Anya Harker
Mary Lindsey
Laura Diamond
Stephanie Sauvinet
Lela Gwenn
Sarah Ahiers

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