18 September 2012

Holy crap! A blog!

A real one this time, not just a plea for assistance *which was answered on Twitter, so YAY!*

Sorry I've been flaky *again*. I've been going through a pretty lengthy depressive episode, where basically nothing got accomplished and I didn't really give a crap if it did. That's the thing with depression--it makes you not care. All you can do is sit and be sad and try to dig out of it.

So now that that's over (for the time being), I'm gonna start changing a few things around with the blogging schedule to try for consistency. I want to keep up with the MANic Monday posts because they're just fun for me. Wednesdays will still be reserved for reviews (books, movies, games, you know, more fun stuff), and Fridays...well, Fridays are up in the air. I'm kinda debating sharing my SF novel. Free reading! Yay! And maybe some excerpts from other stuff. Not just mine, but anyone who wants to submit a chapter or poem or excerpt or whatever.

I'd also like to post more guest blogs. Writing or reading-related, but I'm thinking of pulling a Bloggess and talking about some mental health related issues as well, but without as many awesome pictures or taxidermy stories. So...writing-, reading-, mental health-related guest blogs. I think we can be honest about all that, right? After all, creative types are more likely to have a mental illness, so there ya go.

If you'd like to submit for a guest blog or Free Excerpt Friday, then shoot me an email to c (dot) peace (at) live (dot) com. I'll also post it to the sidebar for easy reference.

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