20 August 2014

Review: Restless in Peaceville - Pippa Jay

Welcome to Peaceville, population 2067 and rising...from the grave... 

Luke Chester has had enough. He’s the school geek, the girls laugh at him, he’s lost his dead-end job at the pizza place, and in the midst of the world’s messiest divorce his parents don’t even know he exists. An overdose of his mom’s tranquilizers and a stomach full of whiskey should solve all his problems... 

But they don’t. Instead, Luke finds himself booted out of the afterlife for not dying a natural death, with nowhere to go but back to his recently vacated corpse and reality. How the hell is he going to pass for one of the living without someone trying to blow his brains out for being one of the undead? 

And it just gets worse. He’s got to fight his own desperate craving to consume the living, evade the weird supernatural hunter who’s having a field day with the new undeads rising, and there’s this creepy black shadow following him around. Add to that the distraction of female fellow undead Annabelle burning to avenge her own murder, and clearly there’s no rest for the wicked. Jeez, all he wanted to do was R.I.P

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For someone who doesn't like zombies, Pippa has breathed a little bit of life (sorry, couldn't resist) into the genre with her take on why zombies come back from the dead. She introduces us to Luke Chester standing in line for his afterlife. When the demon in charge of eternity gets to him, Luke learns he's not "on the list" because he died before his time. The demon tells him to scoot, so he does--back into his dead body, which is conveniently located in the morgue. Um, yeah. Holy crap. It's from this jumping point that we get to play in the Louisiana bayou with all the ghosts and ghoulies the place is known for, plus a gentleman known only as the Peacekeeper.

Peaceville is a novella, and I feel like its length is perfect for the story, even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted more of the atmosphere and world (and that demon! The imagery is just too amusing). Within the pages, she creates this crazy mythology that seems like it'd fit in well with the lore we already know and love. I really liked Luke. He's a doer and he doesn't take too well to being a shambling corpse. He befriends a fellow morgue-inhabitant-turned-second-lifer Annabelle and an unlikely romance blossoms between the two. I really, really want more of this world. MOAR.

Are you reading, Pippa? MOAR.

Do yourself a favor and nab this one. You can probably read it in a day and it's totally worth it.