27 September 2014

Character Interview: Luke & Annabelle from Restless in Peaceville

Character interview with Luke & Annabelle

Glad to have you guys! Even if…well…you know.

"Even if, what? That we're dead?"
Annabelle: "Luke." She puts a hand on his shoulder.
Luke: (mutters) "Well, she started it..."
Annabelle: "Y'all have to excuse him. Being dead made him extra grumpy."

So. What’s it like being something you never believed existed?
Luke: "How do you think it feels? It sucks."
Again, Annabelle touches him, and he smiles at her. "Okay, so it doesn't totally suck. It has its advantages. But it's weird." He sighs. "It's kinda hard to accept. There's some cool things about it, but mostly it's a pain in the ass."
Annabelle: "Pain's one thing it ain't. It's like your whole body went to sleep, but you don't get the pins and needles ever again."
Luke: "Y'can't believe it. Like being stuck in a nightmare, 'cept you ain't ever gonna wake up."

You guys have to deal with a lot of craziness in death. Vampires, a visit to a Voodoo priestess, that demon with the tablet and the attitude…. What’s the craziest thing you had to deal with in life?
Luke: (snorts) "Nothin' compares to being dead and still moving."
Annabelle: "Yeah, y'can't really call anything in life crazy after that."

If you had your un-life to do over again, what would you change?
Luke: "I wouldn't have fought with Annabelle, or gone to my parents house. That was dumb."
Annabelle: "And I wouldn't have pushed you in the river, Luke. That was unfair."
Luke: "No, I deserved it. I said things I shouldn't have."
Annabelle: (resting her head on his shoulder) "But you made up for it."

Any words for your author?
Luke: "Yeah, leave us alone!"

What’s next for the two of you?
Both of them smile as they look at each other.
Luke: "Well, I can't say for sure. We're not supposed to--"
Annabelle: "Shh! Y'know we can't tell."
Luke: "Well, like Annabelle says, we can't tell you that. Guess you'll have to watch this space..."

Welcome to Peaceville, population 2067 and rising...from the grave...

Luke Chester has had enough. He’s the school geek, the girls laugh at him, he’s lost his dead-end job at the pizza place, and in the midst of the world’s messiest divorce his parents don’t even know he exists. An overdose of his mom’s tranquilizers and a stomach full of whiskey should solve all his problems...

But they don’t. Instead, Luke finds himself booted out of the afterlife for not dying a natural death, with nowhere to go but back to his recently vacated corpse and reality. How the hell is he going to pass for one of the living without someone trying to blow his brains out for being one of the undead?

And it just gets worse. He’s got to fight his own desperate craving to consume the living, evade the weird supernatural hunter who’s having a field day with the new undeads rising, and there’s this creepy black shadow following him around. Add to that the distraction of female fellow undead Annabelle burning to avenge her own murder, and clearly there’s no rest for the wicked. Jeez, all he wanted to do was R.I.P

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