10 November 2014

Ain't No Place for a Hero

One of the funnest things about writing is the different characters who populate your brain and your story world. A lot of people seem to have this misguided notion that we, as authors, have some modicum of control over what happens with our characters, but I have learned over two decades of writing that life goes a bit more smoothly if the inmates take over the asylum.

For me, that hasn't been truer for a project than with my Beyond Fairytale story Gemini. Uri wasn't so much the issue, There were a few places where he basically told me "No, it happens this way," but Shadi? She became more than a handful. 

In the beginning I tried to rein her in a bit, make her somewhat relatable. An orphan whose only family is her twin brother, raised on a slaver ship to be a mechanic, she's like a combination of Kaylee and River from Firefly. Reclusive and somewhat antisocial, she warms up to both Uri (of course) and her new crew in the end, but one of her defining characteristics--and admittedly one that I struggled a little bit with--is her total disregard for the sanctity of life. She can kill far more easily than she can love, but once you're in her circle, she'll do whatever she can to protect you.

It wouldn't be a Blessings bloghop if our characters didn't get to share what they're thankful for. Uri?

Uri: I'm thankful for quite a few things, but the most important is freedom, for certain. Without that, nothing is worthwhile. Nothing matters. 
Thanks, Uri. Shadi?

Shadi:  My brother.Even though we've been separated for so long, I am always grateful for him. Without Shilah, I doubt I would be alive now.
So there you have it. As part of the bloghop, we're giving away copies of our Beyond Fairytales stories! And for those of us (like me) whose stories aren't out yet, we're giving away a copy of one of our backlist titles. Entry is below!

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