10 September 2015

Guest Post - Landra Graf

Raven -- Video Game Style

Thanks, first and foremost, are due to my host, Catherine Peace. Can't thank her enough for allowing me to hijack her blog. That being said I wanted to think about my story in a different way, and the idea suddenly came to me. What if Raven Pirate Assassin Spy was a video game?
Would it be RPG? Hell yes, I'd want people to choose which character they play. Either Sorella, Ian, or even a secondary party like Sorella's first mate, Bastille.  Heck, I'd even endorse role playing choices to change things up, but for those we'd have to add some more characters to the story, ones not part of the main book.
I'd definitely want this action based. So there's lots of fighting and continuous stream of challenges to face as the characters help Sorella locate her brother. It's perfect as a video game, right? Tough, assassin heroine on a journey to find her long-lost sibling. The other characters are there to help and would give insight into life on Sorella's ship, tag along on missions.
And then, add in some first-person shooter POV at certain tense scenes. Making it to the ship after a bar in Bourbon Street Pub in New Orleans. Taking out enemies as Sorella's ship the Liberte battles in the skies against a mercenary vessel.  There's so many possibilities - for action, romance, and a gazillion other things. The story building would be amazing, as well as weapon design. That gets my blood pumping...weapons.

That leads me to my question - Is there a book you've read (extra smiles if you name a romance) that you'd want to see in a videogame format? 

Blurb: Once Upon A Time...
Sorella Corvino lost her brother to The Cursed years ago. Sorella is so determined to find him, she'll make any deal, rescue the outcasts and those like him, and risk flying into any port to rescue him. When her latest pirate efforts partner her with a bounty hunter who's too charming, sexy, and handsome for his own good, she knows she's in trouble.
Ian Marshall no longer believes in fairy tales…
Disowned and a marked criminal in the United States, this merchant turned bounty hunter, is one bounty away from freedom; and freedom's price is handing over one person to the most cutthroat gang in the world, The Cursed. Yet, he can't get to them without Sorella's help. Too bad she's gorgeous, aggravating, and a little trigger happy.
As the attraction mounts, the danger grows and the pair find themselves invading a skin trader den, the ballrooms of dictator-ruled Germany, and fighting battles in the sky in the hopes of getting everything they want. Only thing they didn't plan on... falling in love.
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“I already paid off the police, at least for the moment. Until your cousin offers them more.” The words rolled off her tongue matter-of-factly as if this sort of situation occurred every day. His pants tightened at her words. A woman who feared nothing, who didn’t believe in danger.
“Very generous of you.”
“Hmm?” She stopped playing with her balisong knife and looked at him.
He came toward her, arms open, expecting her to move away from the door and put distance between them. She didn’t. “You protected me at your own expense.”
“I thought you might take my generosity as replacement for me losing the bet.”
Less than six inches separated their bodies. The pulse point at her neck fluttered, her breath shallow. Her knife stilled in her hand, closed, but ready to deploy. She waited for him to make a move.
The distinct possibility existed he’d be dead in the next minute, but her lips were deep red, like cherries he’d eaten in late summer. To leave them untouched would be a crime. “You thought wrong.”
He leaned in. She gasped, and then he kissed her.
She’d been kissed before, but it had merely been her parents’ chaste touches to her cheeks or forehead, and, once, her fiancĂ© had brushed her lips with his. Otherwise, she had remained untouched until now. As he touched the tip of his tongue to her closed mouth, a sinful sensation swamped her body. Gooseflesh broke out underneath her clothes, and little hairs stood up on the back of her neck.
Sorella grabbed the lapels of his coat and opened her mouth. Something carnal took over, an instinct to engage his tongue in some primitive dance. If this was considered uncivilized, she’d gladly abandon society and all its norms.
As fast as the moment began, it ended, and Ian pulled back a few inches. “You taste amazing.”
He did, too; like peppermint, and…. “You taste familiar.” Not as if she’d tasted him before, but somehow the aromatic tang of his mouth and the scent of his breath on an exhale resonated within her. She’d bottle it if she knew how. “Kiss me again.”
“As my captain commands.”

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