26 June 2013

Review: Written in Stone by MA Dunham

When Felicia dies, she doesn’t expect to wake up alive, and minus the multiple stab wounds she received before her death. With her other memories gone, she’ll have to rely on her rescuer, Pax, while she figures out what happened that fateful night. But why does he seem to know more than he’s letting on, and who is the mysterious Ariel?

It’s mere weeks until the angels’ plan of spreading healing and prophecy begins, and Pax is ready to lead them to victory. That is, until he rescues Felicia. He’s already at fault for her death, and now he’s responsible for her life. It’s simple—make sure she’s okay, and then she leaves. And yet, her very presence brings questions with no easy answers, and challenges his presumed life

Written in Stone is book #2 in Dunham’s Entwined Chronicles. We begin in Felicia’s POV as she’s dying, and then the fun really begins.

Dunham does a great job with this short novella, giving us a solid sequel to "Fugue" (review here). She builds on the foundation laid in the previous book by introducing a grown-up Pax, who is the Prophet and also Lia's son. Throughout the novella, we’re treated to a small portion of the angels’ plans to deal with demons, and the many ways in which amnesiac Felicia can mess them up without even trying.

What I liked the most about Stone is that the plot remained unpredictable, even though we know what the angels are planning. Dunham throws in a few interesting curveballs that definitely keep the reader’s interest. It’s an easy read—could probably be tackled in an afternoon—but it’s also a complex read. The author gives us a great spin on good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and Felicia encompasses them both, being both angel and Fallen. She's a great dichotomy, and there are quite a few intense scenes in the book that chilled me. Add that to her fledgling relationship with Pax, and we have quite a bit of drama within a few pages. Dunham has proven that she knows how to hook a reader.

And again, Ariel proved herself to be my favorite. I really hope she gets some kind of spin-off or something. She’s just…so deliciously devious!

Do yourself a favor and pick up "Fugue" and Written in Stone for a fresh take on angels vs. demons.

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