08 November 2009

the blogging world is a little slow

but i have to admit that i'm really enjoying blogger, far more than i thought i would. there are quite a few helpful blogs dotting this fair landscape, but unfortunately, it's 3AM and i'm exhausted. another 4 hours of work... the only drawback to working the night shift is that while i have x amount of time in which to be productive, i have no attention span. that's why my long synopsis is in limbo at the moment.

went to see 'the men who stare at goats' the other night. *hangs head* not the greatest movie i've ever seen by far. while i can admit that both george clooney and ewan mcgregor have grown as actors in the last few years, neither of them really got to show off their acting chops in this one. there are parts that are funny, but overall the movie is not that entertaining. i love a far-fetched story, but this one entered the realm of absurd far too quickly. and the goats didn't have much to do with anything at all.

i kind of feel like jeff bridges and kevin spacey (on whom i have a huge and inexplicable crush) were underutilized in this, especially jeff bridges. thanks to the big lebowski, we know that bridges can carry himself in a kooky role, but bob jango is a stretch even for him. *LONG LIVE THE DUDE!* so yeah. pretty much $40 down the tube. at least it got us out of the house...

oooh, sick puppies will be nearby soon!!!! must...procure...tickets!

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