21 November 2009

political fishes

does anyone else get sick of hearing the "conservative vs. liberal" argument? i know i do. while it can be rather entertaining, most of the time, it's a headache wrapped up in words, hitting people in the head with words like "socialist," "agenda," "bias," "fearmonger." and the list continues to populate. for me, being an American is about being free and not having people tell you what to do, think, or say. yet that's what we get every time we turn on a television or even have a discussion anymore. on one hand, if you disagree with the president's policies you're A) a conservative wing-nut, B) a rush limbaugh follower (see A), or C) a freethinker. if you do agree with the president's policies, you are A) addicted to the kool-aid (seriously, enough with the reference), B) a socialist (*gasp!*) or C) un-swayed by the conservative bias. there's also the infamous D) brainwashed.

i preface this next part by saying that while registered republican, i voted democratic in last year's election because i didn't want sarah palin anywhere near the white house. i was actually somewhat on board with mccain until he brought her into the picture. i have my reasons that actually began long before her introduction into the media spotlight and will share my own views concerning her based on my own observations and not what the media on both sides has tried to force-feed me.

i'm sick and disgusted as an American to have to listen to this political dribble spewed by so-called political powers on BOTH sides. that's right, i said it, BOTH SIDES. on the one hand you have the rush limbaughs, sean hannitys, and the bill cunninghams (conservative mouthpiece of Cincinnati for those who haven't been subjected) who basically spend their time on air prattling on about how the liberals are going to ruin the country, and on the other you have the al frankins and keith olbermans squawking about how conservatives are out to undermine the president. there are debates about whether the media has a conservative or liberal bias, there are all these people discussing who's done what for what reason and with whom, and all i want to know is:


i don't care if it's the left or the right, the liberals or conservatives, the north or the south. all i know is that if someone doesn't try SOMETHING, anything, that it's just going to get worse. and what i've seen is that people are stupid enough to offer their opinions without offering suggestions. they're the problem when they're trying to be some sort of solution. it's ridiculous. i'm so fed up with the talk. i need action.

i think that the best course of action would be to either abolish the political parties and their loyalties and see what happens, or to just have the libs and conserves duke it out in a UFC-style battle royale. because all i hear is talk about whose fault is what. i don't give a shit who caused what. just FIX it.

and now, my sarah palin rant. quickly.

she's a fake. deal with it. she overstepped her boundaries in office, especially concerning the whole aerial slaughter of wolves, bears, and wolverines. look it up: the people didn't want that. she found a loophole. that's actually the main reason i didn't like her before mccain's nomination. it's not even so much the facts of the aerial hunting, it's the principle. it's the fact that she went ABOVE what the people who voted her into office wanted, the fact that she does what she wants with complete disregard for what the people she served actually asked for. it makes me angry. i hate it. then during the vice presidential debate when she answered the questions how she wanted and usually without any bearing on what the question actually asked. but yeah. that's it in a nutshell. she doesn't listen. she just doesn't freaking listen.


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