20 December 2009

ADD strikes again

hey, all. first and foremost, happy holidays! *finally getting into the Christmas spirit, will be saddened by the Christmas brokeness* hope that anyone who stumbles across ye olde blog here has a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or whatever you are celebrating this year. Here's to health, family, and remembering what's important: not giving Celine Dion any more money.

okay, i kid. the most important thing to remember this holiday season is that regardless of your beliefs, this is the season for caring about and for your fellow man. give where you can. doesn't have to be money. it can be time. sometimes time is the most important gift you can give.

didn't mean to go all PSA on you. moving on.

i've started building on what might become my next WIP. not so sure, though. there are a few other irons in the fire right now, but for some reason, this one calls to me. i'm currently developing the religion (i actually told a guest i was trying to create a religion; i'm fairly certain he thought i was nuts.) and using this wonderful book about secret societies through the ages to do it. from the way it's working, i'm using the indoctrination process of the ancient Mysteries to pave the way for what becomes the Imperial religion that antagonizes the spirituality of the northern tribe (and creates the backdrop of Aya and Serené's journey back to the northern lands). there's going to be quite a bit of mythology in this one, where my current project is all science and facts and whatnot. it feels good to get back to my roots.

but i need reading suggestions for SF/F. i'm uber behind because of...well, lack of money for books for one (and lack of money to renew my library card), and also because i've been reading other genres. i think the hunger games series was actually the first fantasy i've read in months. boooo. so if anyone stumbling across ye olde blog has any suggestions, i'm more than willing to take them. i already have a couple by Steven Krane on my list, and I also want to pick up some Piers Anthony. but apart from that, i'm stuck. (i'm thinking it's time i pick up something by that S.L. Farrell guy, considering he taught my novel writing class.) so yes. any suggestions are welcome.

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