22 December 2009

woo! 3 followers!

thanks, rodell, lisa, and kimmi for deciding to follow my blog. that's most kewl.

still a little weirded out by the amount of action santa gets in song. women are whoring themselves out to santa for gifts. does anyone else make that connection? except maybe "i saw mommy kissing santa claus" but given the nature of other songs: i.e. the dreaded "santa baby," and other classics like...well, okay, i have to hear them at work, but i don't really know names. suffice it to say, santa gets a lot of attention over the holidays. i wonder if he gets mrs. claus nice things for Christmas?

just for the record, 20000-names.com is a freaking great website if you're trying to come up with character/place names. i've also been playing on babel fish a lot, just translating english words into dutch. that alone is fun.

3 more hours til i go home. working overnight two nights a week is starting to ravage the system...

time to go back to work on fantasy stuff. coming along quite well. i've nearly named everyone and everything i need to. w00t!

***p.s. barbara streisand has now tied celine dion for top of my despise list, simply for the atrocity that is her version of jingle bells.*

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