13 December 2009

an amendment to yesterday's post

two wonderful things have happened:

***my dad has decided to sue for wrongful termination.

here's the story behind his firing: my dad works in the coal industry. his company had purchased a pump that he knew wasn't going to work. he told them that this wasn't going to work (probably in a few choice words, but he's a gruff Appalachian coal miner, so ya know), and they fired him for "trying to start trouble." the most awesomely funny thing about this is that the pump EXPLODED. dear *insert dad's company name*, this is the universe kicking you in the ass for firing someone so close to Christmas.

***there's a new batman game coming out soon.

the sequel to arkham asylum. OK. i'm a huge dork. i love love LOVE LOVE LOVE superhero games/movies what-have-you. i got my mitts on arkham asylum a few months ago, fell in love with it, wanted to buy the game (bought protoype instead and regretted it, not because the game sucks [quite the contrary] but because it's impossibly difficult and i've been stuck in the same place for months). see, i grew up on the 8-bit, 2-d, side-scrolling, intensely-hyphenated regular Nintendo version. i'm not bashing it by any means since my 7-year-old mind ADORED it. (it came out in '89. i was four. i discovered it a little late.) i loved how batman could wall-jump. i loved all the different and challenging levels. i loved the penguin.

but all the game reviewers were right when they said that no one had made a legit batman game. yes, you could use the batarang (and who doesn't love that?). but bruce wayne is a billionaire. he has lucius fox building him all of these amazing bat gadgets. and you don't really get to use them. in my batman, there was the batarang, a few grenades, and batman's right hook. that was about it. oh, and cut-scenes of the bat jet or batmobile. arkham asylum opened up an entirely new world. you get to be detective batman. sneaky batman. the batman who strikes fear into the hearts of EVERYONE. you know, BATMAN. and it ROCKS! there's so much more skill required for this than for the others. and you get to be in the mind of the caped crusader. plus, the scarecrow levels are trippy. but anyway... that's tonight's dorkdom.

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