12 December 2009

i hate i missed agent appreciation day

and since i don't have an agent, i'll say this: agents are awesome, and after the immense amount of reading i've done concerning them, they're as necessary as water. and even air.

well, getting into the Christmas spirit has proven even more difficult since my dad got laid off yesterday. he and my mother are taking it in stride, more or less because they have to, but considering i'm over 200 miles away from them at this critical time in their lives (and mine, too, don't get me wrong), i'm having difficulty getting into the holiday spirit. it's worse that i just can't be there. my sister and her boyfriend are there, but i'm not. and i'm peeved. but a girl's got to work.

it just blows. i'm sorry, but it does. this whole situation is dumb. he's the best worker they have, but of course he's smarter than them so they're intimidated. whatever. i'm steamed.

2010 needs to hurry up.

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