03 December 2009

gee, thanks, blogger!

*note to self: never EVER press ctrl+U EVER.*

i just destroyed my post... le sigh.

there was a ramble about revisions and how much i disliked most of what i had written. at least the older portions. it's kinda tough keeping ideas together...

anyway, check out for some useful info if you don't already know about it. i live in the stone age where this stuff is concerned, and to be a 24 year old woman who grew up with the internet, i should know better.

i'm still salivating over the third book in the Hunger Games series. Catching Fire was suuuuuuuuuch an engaging read that the second they announce the third book's release date, i'm pre-ordering. must...have...book! i was like this before Brisingr by christopher paolini came out (still waiting on 4, dude...). chomping at the bit. and then by the time that book arrived, i'd forgotten what had happened in the other 2 books. at least Catching Fire won't be a cumbersome read, especially if i can finish the book in a day again. oh suzanne collins... why must you rock so?

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Lisa and Laura said...

I still haven't read Catching Fire! I loved The Hunger Games and I've sort of been saving it for...I don't know, something fun to do over the holidays? We'll see!