04 December 2009

too early for brain function...

or maybe it's too late for brain function. the sad thing is that i haven't even been up for 12 hours yet, but i'm about to fall asleep where i stand. that's the joys of slow season at a hotel. it's quiet. too quiet...

first round of revisions are almost done. since i have no idea how to really go about this, i'm just going to add some new parts, and then really hack and cut until i get a decent length. sound all right to you? okay. good.

now if i could just focus...

one and a half more chapters. long chapters, though... that, my friends, is the problem. the other night, i had a dream in which my mom referred to my manuscript as "that book she's been writing for a year." slap.

anyway, enough about that. i'm gearing up for a saturday of college football. heck. yes. go tim tebow!

there are reasons i love tim tebow. #1 is that he's talented. he's not one of those over-hyped QBs like brady. i, personally, believe he deserves all his hype. to me, he's more like carson palmer, where you know he's a great QB, but you don't have to hear about it every other second. carson's one of the best in the biz, just for the record. but yeah. that's number one.

number 2. he's an all-around good guy. like, sickeningly good. travis pastrana good. and that makes me need to corrupt him. badly. i mean, the mission trips, the great attitude, the adoration of our Lord... it's beautiful, honestly. he's just...i dunno. he's sweet, he's humble, he gives of himself as much as he can... it's inspiring.

number 3. i guess this goes along with number 2. he's humble. i can't get enough of that. because he's a great player. he knows he is. yet he doesn't talk about it. he's such a grounded individual. it's admirable. love his heart.

tebow is a fine example of what athletes should strive to be. at least for now.

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