17 January 2010

frankly, my dear, i don't give a hoot.

and yet i'm blogging about it. go figure.

i love the fact that so few people read this, i can use it as a forum to vent about what i feel is wrong in the world. and i also find it remarkable that i haven't whined about sarah palin getting a show on fox. but i'm never going to see it (i hope), so i really don't care if the "right" wants to put yet another talking head on fox. because fox is only "fair and balanced" when it's about the right. so yeah.

not that i'm a huge fan of the left, either. i think my party of choice will be UP!

no. what i don't give a hoot about and yet feel compelled to write about anyway is the whole "people learning to live on less" thing. because i laugh hysterically (on the inside since i'm at work) when i read about people having to give up $5 lattes from starbucks or only buying one louis vuitton handbag instead of two. or, worse yet, having to shop at *gasp!* wal-mart! oh the HORROR!

i read an article, around the same time i read all those other articles from my last two posts, that rich people are having to teach their kids how to budget. and yes, i laughed. because for the rest of us folks, learning to budget is second only to learning the alphabet. whether or not we do well with it depends on us.

listen. my family made enough to provide for us and get us some of what we wanted. i learned early on the benefits of spend a little, save a lot. the only "label" i own is a coach purse that my boyfriend's parents bought me for graduation. i don't shop at places like aeropostale, abercrombe, or american eagle, not because i'm prejudiced against companies beginning with "A" but because i really don't see the point in buying a white t-shirt with the company's logo plastered across it when i could just buy a white t-shirt from walmart because, chances are, i needed a freaking white t-shirt. PLAIN. i've never understood the prep movement toward those clothes, and i never will. i shop at wal-mart (bought a really cute sweater there last week for $9!), target (sometimes), and if i'm feeling frisky, forever 21 or charlotte russe, having learned many moons ago that i don't ever have $2000 lying around for me to just throw away on stuff. i have loans, credit card payments, rent, utilities, and gas and food to pay for. screw your $3000 louis vuitton handbags and $1500 t-shirts. i don't need your whole foods obsession, $5 crappy lattes, or sports cars. i'll stick to my maurices, charlotte russe, and forever 21. i'll continue buying my food at kroger or wal-mart, and i'll keep driving my chevy malibu. why? because i don't need it. would i like it? maybe some of it. i'd give any part of my body for an aston martin. but i don't need it.

people need to learn the difference between 'want' and 'need.'

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