21 January 2010

hail caesar!

i hope your blasphemy radars are on, because i'm about to blow them up.

i think america needs a caesar. not a czar, and not a julius. i was thinking more of a cincinnatus:

Cincinnatus was regarded by the Romans, especially the aristocratic patrician class, as one of the heroes of early Rome and as a model of Roman virtue and simplicity. A persistent opponent of the plebeians, when his son was convicted in absentia and condemned to death, Cincinnatus was forced to live in humble circumstances, working on his own small farm, until he was called to serve Rome as dictator, an office which he immediately resigned after completing his task of defeating the rivaling tribes of the Aequians, Sabinians and Volscians.

His immediate resignation of his absolute authority with the end of the crisis has often been cited as an example of outstanding leadership, service to the greater good, civic virtue, and modesty
--via wikipedia

we're in a heavy crisis. obviously. greedy men and women are getting greedier and richer. the healthcare thing has become nothing more than a hydra. the dems and repubs are at each other's throats in a glorified pissing match, the winners of which gain more power while the american people continue to suffer. politicians aren't thinking about us. they say they are, but their words are empty. at this point, we'd be better off to send them away for a while and allow a cincinnatus to take over because no one can agree on anything. and it's only for their egos. that's all. they're not taking into consideration what will create jobs, or help with healthcare or whatever. you can read the rhetoric and the back-and-forth, and nothing they say, if you read between the lines, is to help us. they didn't bail out middle america. they bailed out constituents and the companies of their lobbyists and credit card monsters. they didn't bail us out. i'm still swimming in debt that i'll be paying on until i'm 37. they're creating propaganda and swirling lies and showing themselves to be no better than 8-year-olds pointing fingers. what we need is for SOMEONE to take responsibility and fix this. we need a cincinnatus who will fight for us and put our interests before his. we need a lobbyist for the american people. for the 10% of unemployed americans, the 16% of americans without health insurance, and the 100% of americans who are fed up.

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