12 January 2010

screw mark mcgwire. i'm ready for a new scandal.

***allow me to preface this by admitting i'm not an avid baseball fan. my sports love is football. always has been, always will be***

paul daugherty from the cincinnati enquirer had, to me, the most sensible take on mark mcgwire:


he's right. people just don't care anymore. my problem with mark mcgwire is the same one i have with michael vick--willingly partaking in deception to save one's own ass.

both of these men are liars in their own rights. the only reason i feel like mark barely trumps mike (being the dog lover i am, it's hard to admit that), is that mr. mcgwire was involved in his deception for FIFTEEN YEARS.

if i'm counting it correctly. at least ten.

mcgwire admitted to taking steroids for ten years. he said he wished he'd never done it, but i can't feel like he's given us a heartfelt apology when he denied it for five years. all of a sudden, getting a job with st. louis gives the man a conscience? oh no. this is ass-covering 101. and it makes me insane.

why does money make it okay to lie? everyone knows i have issues with capitalism, but this sort of behavior sickens me to my core. when did we stop holding people accountable for lying? pete rose lied, was found out, and was permanently banned from baseball. permanently banned!!!!! mcgwire gets cushy job with the cards, and suddenly feels compelled to confess because back then he wasn't granted immunity. from what i could tell, canseco didn't get immunity.

a bigger man would have told the truth, despite the consequences.

not saying that pete rose was a bigger man. he lied for days, but he was found out and rolled with the punches. he followed the rules that the courts set for him. where is he now? still banned from baseball while mcgwire is getting consideration for the hall of fame. i just don't get it.

to me, there needs to be an end. no more of this "per case" crap.

so...this marks the end of my caring.

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