10 January 2010


just because i haven't had a post starting with that letter yet.

haven't heard anything about the query except that she received it, so i'm on pins and needles. sort of. i'm also really tired from crazy work schedule. 6 night shifts, 3 days off, 3 afternoon shifts, 2 more night shifts, 2 more days off.

phew. and staying up until 5 am playing assassins creed 2 didn't help.

i also posted my crappy synopsis on agentquery.com. got some really great feedback. the interwebs are wonderful.

but i'm bogged down again. for some reason, no matter how i try, i just can't grasp this. i guess because there's no set way to go about it. and i'm going to obsess until my brain gives up. then i'll sit in front of the Xbox and it'll click. my brain just doesn't process information the way it should...

man i'm tired...

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