05 January 2010


i've obsessed about my synopsis (now another s-word in my vocab) for about 16 hrs now. well, that's not entirely accurate. i slept for 8 of those...so about 8 hrs. minus the 45 minutes i spent playing assassins creed...

OK. so not entirely accurate, but it's been a while. i don't know what it is, but for some reason i just don't feel like i can get it right. i read all through nathan bransford's blog (because now i have a writer-crush on him) and the only thing he says is to make it good. but considering there are a few agents who prefer one-two pages (CRUEL!), even for SF/F, my mind boggles. i have no idea what to focus on because there are different aspects that drive the piece as a whole, and they all lead to one another.

since my character is an amnesiac genetic experiment, do i include her life before the story starts, to show her relationships between the two lead scientists, her husband, and herself, or do i just say: this is Dima. she wants to get her life back, maybe, if she can handle the person she was before. there are these two scientists; Scientist A torments her at every turn. Scientist B treats her with such tenderness that she can't bring herself to hate him, though she knows she should, and eventually, she starts falling for him. then there's this OTHER guy who hates the whole thing and wants to shut down the experiment because of what happened to his sister, who was married to Scientist A and was critically injured in a car crash. Scientist A took his wife to the lab and tried to save her with said technology, but she died anyway and Other Guy has hated him ever since. when he uses his agents to whisk away Dima and the other victims, Dima meets someone she never expected: her husband.

that is my book in a nutshell. and sounds great for the jacket, don't you think? you know, with names included and better-written...

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