03 January 2010

evening all.

not much new to report. began my revisions again, as promised, and i'm feeling a little more hopeful about the content. still ambivalent concerning the dreams, but so far, i think they need to stay. the only problem with that is that inserting those where they need to be will up my word count more than i want. quite a little conundrum, indeed.

i've whittled down to 117,787 words. even for a SF novel, that's still a little on the high end, especially for a first-timer. who knows? maybe an agent will fall in love with the story regardless.

i'll try really, really, really hard not to be horrendously upset when i get rejected. 'tis a part of life. one i'm accustomed to in other aspects of life.

it's not been a good day. one of my mom's puppies died mysteriously. broken neck. i'm still sure it was a freak accident. ugh. 2010, not so good.


Lisa and Laura said...

So sorry about the puppy! That's terrible.

As for the rejections, I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but it never does. Just keep on writing.

lexcade said...

thanks, ladies. 'tis sad, but that just means they can open their hearts to another baby. that's what izzy would have wanted.

now that i've been re-reading and revising, i feel more confident about things. i'll just keep my fingers crossed.