02 January 2010

you can be expecting another one of these later tonight. maybe

the only part i like of any beatles song is the part from "band on the run" that breaks into the "if i ever get out of here" part. i like that part. that is IT.

anyway, i thought i'd be cool and, since everyone else is doing it (and i'm such a sheep, you know), i thought i'd list my resolutions/goals for 2010:

***Not starve to death
***Learn to use my blackberry
***Finish editing novel (hopefully w/o going insane or rewriting it)
***Query Nathan Bransford (and about 9 other agents who will most likely say "no")
***Start novel number 2, just in case novel number 1 doesn't quite work out
***Get the car fixed, at least partly
***MOVE! preferably with steve, though willing to move without him if necessary

hopefully 363 days will be enough to accomplish all that. beginning with the car, which still has unexplained ice cream on the window... darn neighbor kids.

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