02 January 2010

welcome to the second day of 2010

although for me, it still feels like the first. ah well. so far, so good! happy new year!

i'm restarting my book revisions for dirge tonight. it's been irking me that i haven't touched it, even though i've been working on my fantasy stuff (but i left my notebook at my parents' house over Christmas! i need to get mom to mail that...). as i said, i was burnt out, but i think i'm ready to start again. once i remember where i left off. i'm just going to worry less about the word length and more about the content. too much of it feels...wooden. at least to me. but i'm still having a little trouble transferring emotion onto paper. i think. more or less, it just needs to be stronger. and i need a drink.

what i want to focus on is dima's gamut of emotions. i fear that i've been approaching her situations the way that I would rather than the way she should. she's more methodical. granted, the DNA messes with her a bit, but still. just doesn't seem reasonable to me in some spots. i just don't want to rewrite the entire thing. again. hopefully, it won't come to that.

maybe this will inspire me to write queries... nah.

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