13 March 2010

good news, everyone!

found my flash drive. i was looking in the wrong pair of pants.

so now, revisions can continue.

i finished reading teek yesterday. pretty good book, and enjoyable. just got my mind to thinking about how popular the whole genetic manipulation thing seems to be in YA, and i'm wondering if anyone knows of examples in adult fiction? i'm having trouble finding any. teek, ava, maximum ride... all concern YA protags that were genetically altered somehow. le sigh.

anyway, onto fun hotel bizniss.

one of the breakfast attendants just called a few mins ago around 445. she's due in at 5, but has hit a snag that i won't go into. now, here, we're not cross-trained on breakfast stuff. we're learning our ways around maintenance issues (because maintenance stuff only occurs when we have no maintenance around), working with the crappy HVAC units or resetting TVs or whatever, but i do NOT know anything about breakfast. granted, it's a saturday, and i'm doubtful that we'll be hit with an early morning rush before she comes in, but...blagh. not cool. i feel bad for her, and it's really not her fault. i just hope that we don't run into irate guests because i don't know how to fix breakfast. it's bad enough i can't build additional rooms to suit people...or make channel 9 magically appear so some people don't miss modern family...

also today, instead of trying to write a creative non-fiction thing that's destined to make me cry (wouldn't be good for guests to see that), i'm going to plug in my revisions. can't wait to see my word count after this...

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