03 April 2010

aaaaaaaaaaaah! edits!

down to the last 9 chapters for editing!!!! i'm so pumped! and after this, seriously, no more edits. i'm DONE. i'm gonna prep for send-outs. this means queries and synopses galore. woo. friggin. hoo.

one half of me is completely exhilarated while the other half is toast. dry wheat toast. i'm so excited to get this out (even though i know that the whole waiting thing's gonna suck, but i waited for a guy for almost 3 years and nothing came of that, so waiting for like, a year to be rejected is actually a relief) and actually prove that i can do it. granted, whether it gets picked up or not is something else ENTIRELY, but i just want this off my hands. like a term paper. you slave over it and agonize, and then when you turn it into the professor, it's like this huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders because it's out of your hands by then, and you can only sit and wait for your grade while working on all your OTHER projects... OK, i'm running on a LOT of mt dew right now, so sorry for the spastic run-ons. i'm just ready to go on to the next phase.

speaking of, i'm 3 chapters into my fantasy novel, and i'm gonna take a brief break for plotting purposes... but it's going fairly well, i suppose. 4 main characters... doing a kind of anne rice-y thing with weaving together completely different people into one major plot. (like queen of the damned, but less involved. there were what, like, 10 different sub-plots in that?) why am i using "like" so much? argh. the pitfalls of waking up too early to successfully stay up all night... this really does feel like college.

oh, hotel tidbit:
"i lost my wallet, my key card, and my bra." ~~random guest.

seriously. how do you lose your BRA? any takers?

going to run audit now.


Lisa and Laura said...

Good luck with those last 9 chapters! Woohoo! What an accomplishment...

lexcade said...

thanks, ladies! i have a little over a week before i start sending out queries... neep!