07 April 2010


OK, so we all know how well the authoring thing is going for me right now (i SWEAR, i'm gonna start querying! i have 10 days left! *crap, i have 10 days left...*), and since hotels don't pay a whole lot, i have decided to sell AVON. oh yeah, i'm THAT chick now. BUT, in addition to being able to shop for your favorite AVON products via my AVON website, this means that i can actually start doing super-cool stuff like giveaways. cause i can write that off on my taxes! ;-)

but seriously, there are a lot of super people who have been helping me out on here and i'd like to repay you. so yeah. let me be your beauty guru. with my extensive AVON knowledge.


Elaine AM Smith said...

lexcade - the google ads have got to go... to one side or the other - I can't read a thing!

lexcade said...

sorry, elaine! i tried... let me know if this works better for you.